Favorite Card Decks

Favorite Card Decks to Use in Therapy

Card decks in therapy, are a versatile and interactive tool, they offer a wide range of applications for both kids and adults, providing a unique blend of visual stimulation, tactile engagement, and cognitive challenges. These decks, which can vary widely in their design and purpose, are often used to facilitate communication, encourage self-reflection, and support therapeutic goals in a more engaging and less intimidating manner than traditional therapy methods alone.

  • Trauma Reaction Cards For Children and Adolescents by Beth RIchey, LCSW (I use them with kids and adults).
  • My Helpers and Protectors: Therapeutic cards that work with the self-protective system of children affected by trauma created by Anna M Gomez (I use them with adults as well).
  • The Thoughts Kit for Kids by Anna Gomez (have a set for younger kids and adolescents, however I also use them with adults).
  • Totem: Self-Esteem, Confidence & Family Bonding Game by Totem the feel good game.
  • The Panic Deck: 58 Strategies to Break Free from Cycles of Panic & Fear and Reclaim Your Life Cards by Dr. Elena Welsh
  • Gentle Creatures Wisdom Deckby Dan May
  • Children’s Spirit Animal Cards by Dr.Steven Farmer
  • The Live Your Values Deck: Sort Out, Honor, and Practice What Matters Most to You by Lisa Congdon and Andreea Niculescu
  • Playing CBT: CBT-based GameKit for identifying and adding flexibility to emotions, physical sensations, thoughts, and behaviors. Designed for working with children with difficulties in self-regulation, emotional regulation, anxieties, and social skills by Shelly Zantkeren-The Emotional Regulation Center CBT games. There are wonderful handouts that accompany the game on their website: https://playingcbt.com/
  • Positive Affirmation Cards for Kids: Activities for Mindfulness, Growth Mindset, Gratitude, Self-Esteem, Encouragement Deck of 54 Cards by My Life Creative

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