Carron Montgomery

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Play Therapist, Level II-trained EMDR, and trauma specialist, Carron Montgomery has dedicated her life to helping others.

Carron is a strong community advocate who began her career working for two nonprofit organizations counseling survivors of sexual abuse and serving low-income families and victims of trauma. More than a decade ago, she started a private practice specializing in treating anxiety, depression, OCD, trauma,
grief, and loss.

She utilizes a client-centered approach that includes collaboration with each client’s team of professionals–primary caregivers, teachers, doctors, and school social workers. At the beginning of the pandemic, Carron witnessed an unaddressed critical need for education and support of mental health for children and teens. She trained local school counselors, and using her capabilities as a storyteller, began creating additional resources for the community and as a voice for her clients. The Invisible Riptide series was born out of the need to create a shared
understanding of mental health and highlight the necessity of human connection.

The Invisible Riptide series gives a voice to the common, yet hidden, struggles everyone faces. Her passion for community, connection, and support of human well-being is evident throughout her work and The Invisible Riptide series.

Carron often speaks to groups and organizations about her work and about the importance of offering a way for people of all ages to express their feelings and share their often-common experiences, providing them with education and tools to support their own mental health.

Speaking Engagements

  • Anxiety in Young Children: This workshop focuses on common presentations and concerns, age-appropriate concerns, when and how to seek help, parent education, and tips and tricks.
  • Self-Care: The impact of adult care on the home and/or classroom environment. 
  • Filling in The Gaps: Creating a Common Language for Adults with their Children (elementary, teen, tween, and young adults).
  • School Counselors and Social Workers: up-to-date research and original interventions. 
  • How to Create a Collaborative Process 
  • Social Media Education and Training for Parents and their children. 
  • Social Media and the Law—porn, bullying, nudes and more. 
  • Grief and Loss: How to support loved ones and common reactions and concerns. 
  • Teacher Training: How Common Issues Present, Strategies for the Classroom Preventive Education (self-regulation, teaching about feelings, coping skills, and more. 
  • Suicide Prevention 
  • Trauma-Informed Care and Trauma Debriefing
  • Learning Disabilities and Accommodations
  • Education on the brain and how to grow your calm.
  • Understanding The New World Our Children Are Living in: Tips and Tricks to Navigate Challenges Together.
  • The Power of Using Menus and Card Decks at Home and School. 
  • How to Involve Parents and Important Adults in the Therapeutic Process. 
  • The Aftermath of the Physical Pandemic: Adjusting Expectations and the brain’s ability to grow and gain skills delayed by the pandemic. Understand chronological vs. Developmental Age.
  • Growing Confidence and Resilience in Parents and their Children. 
  • Facing Parent’s Fears and the Importance of Providing Opportunities for Autonomy.
  • Common issues for college students and young adults and how to support them.
  • The importance of play, cultivating mindfulness, and the power of nature. 
  • Creating a Private Practice.

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