The Invisible Riptide

In the Invisible Riptide, you’ll meet Stella. A little girl who wakes up one morning with these swirling, whirling feelings she can’t quite explain. Stella is determined to get to the bottom of what makes her feel so funny. Soon, she discovers that she’s not alone. Her friends explain they all have their own swirling and whirling feelings. Stella is more sure now than ever that someone needs to get to the bottom of this.

And that someone is going to be her.

Follow along with Stella as she discovers how it’s okay not to be okay and that people need people.

The Invisible Riptide is a fantastic read for nearly everyone, especially for kids dealing with anxiety or stress.

Parents don’t always see when their children deal with feelings or anxiety. This book helps both parents and children to more easily communicate about those issues.

After the story you’ll discover that the back of the book is chocked full of amazing resources from other books to read to podcasts that will help you become more aware of the mental health issues facing our kids today.

Emotional Well-being for Children is paramount these days, and as Stella shows us, one of the best ways to help ensure that your kids are okay is to talk to them.


Carron Montgomery

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